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SAPMEX, the one and only Customer Relationship Enhancer ever. (CRE)

How expensive is for you when your clients buy from your competition 

bacause your sales team haven't been able to be in touch with your clients properly?

How expensive is for you when your sales team is looking just for closing a sale, 

instead of building a strong and long term relationship with them?

With SAPMEX CRE you will:

 - Improve your Customer Satisfaction Index. 

   (CSI, CSS, CRI, FCV or what ever is called)

 - Increase your posibilities to sale more.

 - Prevent lossing those without a proper sales follow up.

 - Put all your clients and potential clients in AUTOMATIC PILOT.


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Despite of all of what people say about sales being an objective, for centuries they have been and will ever be, a consequence of a previous good and friendly communication job. Meaning there are some tasks previous to get done before you can say a sale is a sale. Among them, there is one particular task that almost nobody performs well, skiping this particular task will make you sale the 33% only of what you can really make. The lack of an emotional and professional follow up, costs tons of money to shareholders and sales teams every year, and that is exactly what we prevent to happen with our CRE follow up solution.

If customers like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you. This will bring you always repetitive sales and most important, their loyalty and recommendation. In order to achieve this, we have developed our CRE which AUTOMATICALLY put your sales manager, shop manager and sales team in touch with all those who has already bought for quality purposes, and with all those who has not buy yet from you for sales purposes, and put each one under communication within their individual context. So now you have the best periscope to see and do what ever is necesary to make them stay and buy from you.

  -  If you had the solution to be in touch AUTOMATICALLY with all your clients, spending NO TIME while doing it, would you do it?

  -  We've developed that solution for you, and you don't have to install anything, you only need internet and your computers.

  -  Try us, you will love the way we work, this might sound CRAZY but it really works.

  -  With more than 20 years in sales and proven experience we invite you to innovate.

This table bellow is the reason most companies are just selling arround the 33% of what they can make.


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